CHESTERFIELD, Mo., Oct. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Reliv International, a global leader in nutrition and wellness, is thrilled to celebrate its 35th anniversary. Since its inception, Reliv has been dedicated to enhancing the health and lifestyles of millions by nourishing the body, mind, and spirit.

The company pays tribute to its visionary founders, Robert and Sandy Montgomery, and the distributors who have never stopped sharing their passion for health and wellness. Through the years, Reliv has witnessed incredible transformations harnessing the power of nutrition to improve and maintain their health and lifestyle.

"Reliv's 35th anniversary is an important milestone for us, and we are so grateful to everyone who has been a part of our journey," said Ryan Montgomery, Reliv CEO. "We will continue to evolve as we have over the last 35 years to meet the nutrition needs of today. Together, we can reimagine what's achievable in nutrition, healthy aging, and opportunity."

As part of its commitment to nourishing the world, Reliv recently introduced the new Healthy Aging Systems. These synergistic systems offer optimized health solutions based on science and powered by nature. Along with the Healthy Aging Systems, Reliv also provides ongoing support through a Guide and additional resources to ensure customers get the maximum benefits from their purchase.




The Feel Better Today System provides daily nutrients, supports gut health, and boosts energy. It gives individuals the edge they need to tackle anything that comes their way.

For those looking for long-lasting wellness, the Function Better Tomorrow System supports cellular health. With the inclusion of LunaRich®, a healthy aging factor designed to proactively interrupt the aging process, individuals can enjoy vitality and wellness like never before.

Reliv takes healthy aging to the next level with the Age Better Forever System. This system, which includes ReversAge®, promotes longevity and helps individuals maintain peak performance for years to come.


"Healthy aging is about more than just feeling good today; it's about living your whole life to the fullest," said Montgomery. "At Reliv, we believe in empowering individuals to take control of their health and embrace the endless possibilities that come with healthy aging."


Reliv, with its rich history and promising future, will continue to revolutionize nutrition and wellness with further innovations and offerings. Whether you're looking for a part-time gig or interested in building a business, Reliv provides opportunities that fit into busy lifestyles. Be a part of the journey toward a healthier future.

To learn more about Reliv's Healthy Aging Systems and start the journey to a healthier life, watch our video.



About Reliv International

Reliv International is a global leader in nutrition and wellness, with a mission to enhance the health and lifestyles of millions worldwide. For 35 years, Reliv has provided high-quality nutrition products supported by cutting-edge science and powered by nature. Through its global network of distributors, Reliv offers life-changing opportunities to individuals seeking health and personal growth.


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