By Paul Adams, Owner, Adams Resource Group


Over the last 34 years, I have watched and participated in every trend in the direct selling industry. I am sad to say that many of those trends overcomplicated the process of selling products and recruiting new people to join us. We created tools and techniques that only the most driven and dedicated people would attempt. As a result, we caused unnecessary frustration and low rates of success.  

But, when I look back, one thing pops up repeatedly that makes me incredibly happy.

The companies and leaders who focused on simplifying those processes and tools always soared above the rest. This trend continues today.

Simplicity wins... EVERY SINGLE TIME.


A word of caution... making things Simple is Hard.

If you see a company that has made things look simple to do, rest assured, they have put in an incredible amount of extra work behind the scenes to make things seem that way.

Today, as distributors, we have a remarkably simple set of steps that determine our success.

1  Get new customers to try our products.

2  Keep customers so they stick around and, hopefully, fall in love with the products we have.

3  Find a few of those customers who are interested in sharing their love of the products with
others and help them succeed as new distributors.

4  Help those new distributors duplicate their own success.

5  Repeat.

If a person would do those things, over time, they will have a nice or better-than-nice business.

So, what does all this mean to your Reliv business?

If you are reading this, no doubt, you have noticed things have changed at Reliv over the last couple of years. Behind the scenes, the Reliv team has worked tirelessly to make things simple. And, with all the changes you have seen so far, there is more to come. Each change has been designed with the Distributor in mind.

There is a real emphasis on gathering and keeping customers.

There are new shareable products designed to attract new customers.

There is a focus on “Healthy Aging” which is one of the biggest market segments in the world. We are all aging, and we just want to do it better.

There are Healthy Aging systems that have been created so that introducing new people to Reliv is simpler than ever before. No more guesswork — just introduce the systems, designed from real data, so that someone can decide which system is right for them. Each system has a simplified set of solutions designed to address specific healthy aging factors. Let the customer decide which option is best for them, without having to give it too much thought. Show them an effortless way to save money while continuing to benefit from the products by joining the auto-ship program.




Some of you may think it’s too simple. It's not what you’ve always done.

I get it.

You are too smart. (That’s a blessing and a curse).

You know other tactics and strategies and don’t want to abandon them for something that is designed for “newbies.” Remember, the world has changed and there are different options for people to add a side hustle or build a business that may not have existed when you started.

Guess what — every growing company in our channel is growing because new people (newbies) are bringing in new people. It has always been the case. In fact, most CEOs I know would admit that, when they are growing, about 80% of their business comes from people who have been with their company less than a year.

New People Getting New People.

If your Reliv business is not as successful as you would like, I would encourage you to get back to basics.

1  Get a few (or more) new customers every month. Use the Healthy Aging Systems to introduce people to the products you love. Simple, easy and driven by benefits.

2  Keep those customers engaged so they fall in love with the products too. Offer auto-ship to help them save money and stay as repeat customers.

3  Find a few customers who are interested in finding a few customers of their own. Maybe they just want to earn enough pay for their own products or they really want to supplement their income. Keep it simple. Let them decide.

4  Show them how steps 1-3 are the keys to their own success. They can build a small team of people who are just like them.

5  Repeat.

2023 is not like any other year in the history of Reliv. Things have changed. Business has changed. Things will continue to evolve and change. It’s what businesses do.

The company has focused on simplifying every aspect of the business. Products, tools, systems and even business growth. It is up to you to keep it simple and enjoy the success. The more you complicate it, the more frustrated you will be.

At the end of the year, I hope you can look in the mirror and know that you helped bring in new people and some of them embarked on the journey with you – introducing even more new people to what Reliv has to offer.

New People Bringing in New People. It’s that simple.



About Paul Adams:

Paul Adams has been actively involved in the direct selling channel for nearly 35 years, serving as the head of marketing, sales and general management for one of the largest suppliers/partners in the industry.  An active participant in industry conferences, Paul has been a student and teacher of best practices in marketing communications. He has worked with hundreds of companies, from pre-start up to industry giants from all segments of the industry. He has been a board member and advisor to numerous companies and works closely with executive teams to help guide decisions and help build truly great companies. Paul and his team at Adams Resource Group focus on solving real-world challenges that can help overcome and avoid the inevitable obstacles to growth.

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