We have all been hit with stress before, and we all know that managing stress while trying to maintain your daily tasks can be hard! Whether it is work, kids, or friendships… keeping up with all of that while trying to get a handle on your stress can feel impossible. 

As much as we wish stress was contained to the task or part of life that is causing it, that is just not the case. Unaddressed stress can build and build, bleed into your personal relationships, and take a real toll on your mind, body and behavior. It can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity. 

When you are in the thick of it, it can really feel impossible to manage. Here are 3 ways to help combat the stress in your life: 



Working out releases endorphins in your brain! Endorphins act as a natural pain-killer and mood lifter, which is fantastic for stress. By just taking 30 minutes to work out, or even just making time for a 10-minute walk, you can really help manage your stress. You can even double-dip a little if you listen to some upbeat music while you work out. There have been studies showing that music positively impacts your brain function and mood. Pop on your power jams, or “Happy Playlist” and take a stroll! 



Make Time for Hobbies

Do things that bring you joy! Simple as that. Set aside time for you, and something that you love doing. Reading a book, listening to music, knitting, yoga- things like this can help you be calm and present. Set a timer for 30 minutes and just focus on it. 



Spend Time With Friends and Family 

Friends, family and loved ones can really help with stress levels. This can be just because you love being around them, they make you laugh, or they can be a voice of reason and help you process your stress and what is causing it. 

A good rule of thumb when dealing with stress is to do active things, opposed to inactive tasks, to help. It is really easy to get lost in a TV show or scroll on your phone. Those things can feel helpful at the time, but can actually lead to more stress. 

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