Healthy Aging means so many different things, and has many avenues you can go down to improve your life. One of the factors that we should all be aware of, is biological versus chronological age and how they can be different. 


Chronological Age: 

Your chronological age is just what it sounds like, how old are you? It is the time from the day you were born until now. As we all know this is a main risk factor as far as chronic diseases and any damage to your bodily functions such as memory or hearing. 


Biological Age: 

Biological age is how old your cells are, or your epigenetic age. If you missed our Epigenetics Blog, basically your epigenetics are how your genes are expressed after being affected by everything in your life. Your environment, the amount of physical activity you get, the food you eat and so much more have an impact on your genes and how they are expressed. 

Your biological age is the age your cells are showing. 

For example, someone who is chronologically 30 could be biologically much older, if they are a smoker, never do any physical activity or don’t eat healthy foods. Their cells could be showing that they are much older than 30. 

On the other side of the coin, if someone is 50 and has been getting proper nutrients, works out consistently, supplements with the right things and gets enough sleep they could be biologically younger than they are chronologically. 

You can make small changes in your day-to-day life that will contribute to aging healthier, and becoming biologically younger. Incorporate physical activity such as balance, strength, endurance or stretching. This will help you maintain a healthy weight, which is also important for aging healthier. Combine that with being mindful and aware of what you eat, and getting the proper nutrients in your food, and you will be setting a great foundation for healthy aging. 

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