Healthy Aging has SO many layers to it. We all know that how you eat, your physical activity and the environment you live in effect your body. But these things may actually go so far as to impact your body on a cellular level. 



Epigenetics is how all the things you are exposed to throughout your life (environment, physical activity, food, etc.) impact your genes, and how they are expressed.

To keep it as simple as possible, everyone has DNA. Over time DNA, though very small mutations, can change. While many of these mutations do not affect our health,  it was thought that hereditary diseases were changes in DNA. 

However, now we know about the epigenome. 

The epigenome sits on top of our DNA and sends signals that control whether a gene is turned on (expressed) or turned off (silenced), and that the DNA does not actually change. 

So, depending on which genes are on or off will affect what genetics show up throughout your life. Some genes we want to silence, like those associated with hereditary health conditions, while other genes we need on. If those are off, or inactive, for too long, they can accumulate damage and actually make you age faster.


How do we Alter them?

Epigenetics CAN be altered. Unlike DNA, we can help control our epigenetics and take control of how we age, by taking care of the genes we need “on” or “off.”

Epigenetics are heavily influenced by our health and lifestyle, which means we can affect which genes are expressed throughout our lives.

By taking care of, and optimizing our epigenetics we can be fighting chronic diseases, and even help our biological clocks turn back.

Diet, tobacco, alcohol consumption, pollutants, physical activity, being well-rested and stress are just a few of the factors that can affect your epigenetic patterns.

All these things can influence how you age, and how your body looks and feels. You can take care of your body, right down to your DNA, and help yourself live a longer, healthier life.

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